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        Los Alamos National Laboratory is part of a consortium developing a technology to rapidly break down discarded plastic at the molecular level into components that can be used to create other materials, such as nylon. The year-old research and development effort has been dubbed BOTTLE. The program was launched in November. Early research has led to identifying enzymes that can biodegrade plastic noticeably within several days, versus the several hundred years it normally would take for the material to decompose. Now the teams want to accelerate the decomposition, because breaking down the plastic in days is not nearly fast enough, lab scientist Taraka Dale said. “So what we’re shooting for is really observable changes and degradation in a matter of, ideally, hours,” said Dale, who leads the lab’s BOTTLE program. “So that you can, in theory, put this in an industrial process eventually.” The process would be fairly straightforward for users, she said. A vendor would grind up plastic trash and load it with the enzymes into a tank partially filled with water. The enzymes would break down and dissolve the plastic into the liquid. They would then transform the molecules into polymers for higher-grade products, such as carpets and clothing. Dale likened it to dismantling a brick house, and instead of simply reusing the bricks, you turn them into boards for a different purpose. The company could sell the raw material to a manufacturer, Dale said. This conversion of throwaway items and scraps into higher-quality goods, such as fabrics, would be “upcycling,” she said.

        Eyes on China

        This is a roundup of global macroeconomic news last night and what is expected today. The dollar gained on the euro Thursday, as comments from European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde were taken as a sign that the bank was in no rush to raise interest rares. The euro was down 0.53% at $1.0827, extending falls made after the release of the ECB statement, while the dollar index, which measures the dollar against six peers, rose 0.45% to 100.33. The British pound rose to $1.3131 in early trade, its highest in a week against the dollar, after jumping 0.9% on Wednesday, its biggest daily percentage gain since June 2021, before settling down 0.32%. Meanwhile, the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield rose 15 basis points to 2.827%. It rose steadily earlier this month — driven by expectations of more aggressive Federal Reserve tightening to combat inflation — and reached as high as 2.836% on Tuesday, ahead of U.S. inflation figures. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite fell Thursday, capping a losing week as investors digested mixed earnings results from major banks and rising inflation. The broad-market index fell 1.21% to 4,392.59, while the Nasdaq Composite lost 2.14% to 13,351.08. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 113.36 points, or 0.33%, to 34,451.23. The S&P 500 is down 2.13% for the four-day holiday week. The Nasdaq Composite is off 2.63%, and the Dow is down 0.78% for the week. Trading is closed at the NYSE on Friday. Oil prices settled higher on Thursday after an early decline as investors covered short positions ahead of the long weekend and on news that the European Union might phase in a ban on Russian oil imports. Brent futures settled up $2.92, or 2.68%, at $111.70 a barrel. U.S. West Texas Intermediate futures closed $2.70 or 2.59% higher at $106.95 a barrel. Both contracts recorded their first weekly gain in April. For several weeks, prices have been the most volatile since June 2020. Gold inched lower on Thursday but prices finished a second consecutive weekly gain as the Ukraine crisis and broadening inflationary pressures lifted the safe-haven metal’s appeal. Spot gold fell 0.29% to $1,971.95 per ounce, while U.S. gold futures slipped 0.49% to $1,974.9 but gained 1.51% for the week with markets closed Friday. The pan-European Stoxx 600 provisionally ended up 0.68%, with travel and leisure stocks gaining 3.19% while technology dropped 0.46%. The ECB kept its monetary policy unchanged but confirmed it will end its bond buying in the third quarter. Once the bond buying program is completed, the ECB is expected to begin hiking interest rates, following the same path as the Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

        Premier provider of non-ferrous scrap metals information in China market. We quote for more than 200 varieties of scraps including copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, tin, lead, stainless steel and other non-ferrous scrap metals in Nanhai, Qingyuan, Shanghai, Tianjin, Taizhou, Baoding and etc. Since established in 1995, we had built up our brands with plenty of loyal customers at home and abroad.

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